Migraine Relief & Recovery with Gisele Brun

Date: November 2, 2017

Time: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Location: Port Credit

enRICH Your Life – Live it Pain-Free! – Migraine Relief & Recovery

What is Energy Healing? Come join us in-store for a 1 hour workshop with Gisele Brun that will cover meditational Breath, the Bubble of White Light, the Ancient Grounding Tree and Crystals that are good for migraine relief & pain.

Gisele will also go over the role of crystals and how their use can help relieve pain and assist in the recovery process!



Gisele’s expertise lies in helping people recover from migraines, emotional trauma as well as pain-related issues so that they too can lead an enRICHed pain-free and joyful life!  It is her focus to assist individuals in their own healing process by integrating and co-creating it together!

Gisele’s career in holistic health began with her own experience with migraine headaches. These lasted for eleven years during which time she discovered her innate ability as an Intuitive Healer. Gisele was then propelled to study the Reiki modality of healing and became a practitioner in 1997 and completed her Master designation in 2000.  A Health Studies course was completed in 2014.