Coming off Birth Control with Rose Yewchuk

Date: April 23, 2019

Time: 6:00-8:00pm

Location: Edmonton Ellerslie

You exercise, eat healthy, and take good care of yourself – does it make sense to keep putting chemicals in your body to avoid pregnancy? This talk is an absolute must if you are unhappy with how your birth control affects your body. You’ll learn about the common health challenges that occur while taking or discontinuing hormonal birth control (pills, patches, shots, implants, IUDs and so on). We’ll explore natural strategies for bringing your body back into balance and discuss other birth control methods that are highly effective and hormone-free.

Rose Yewchuk, MA, HRHP Rose Yewchuk is passionate about body literacy. Over her 20-year career teaching Fertility Awareness methods, she has taught hundreds of clients how to get off the pill and heal their cycles naturally. Her clients feel more in tune with their bodies, more healthy and vibrant, and more empowered to get pregnant when it’s the right time in their lives. She has a funny and engaging style that makes learning about menstrual cycle health seem easy and totally normal. Her superhero catchphrase is, ‘Better Ovulate Than Never!”