Our Eco-Programs

Planet Organic is dedicated to healthy living and to the Planet! We want healthy earthlings and a healthy earth and we’ve put in many programs to keep our carbon footprint as small as possible!

Our Deli is compostable!

We’ve switched many of our deli containers, cups, lids, & straws to completely compostable material. Everything else is still recyclable.

Our Meal Deal Containers and Coffee Cups

Compostable Produce & Bulk Bags

Did you we know we were the first in our industry to go from plastic to paper bags? We also sell reusable bags at cost to our customers to encourage reuse and we also sourced a company to provide all our customers with 100% compostable produce and bulk bags.

New green produce and bulk bags!

Our Carbon Offsets and credits

We purchase offsets every year to ensure all of our stores are not only carbon neutral but all of our corporate travel is as well

Low waste in our produce department

The majority of our produce department is out of containers and we continue to work with vendors on reducing their packaging. We appreciate the minimal approach to packaging!